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Vacuum system Why Does the 6. Diesels do not create vacuum inside of the intake like gasoline engines. Gasoline engines rely on vacuum for numerous things, such as: GM put the vacuum pump to control a couple of devices on the truck, read on for more info. So, where’s the vacuum pump? This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image.

Ram ProMaster City Conversion Van RV? Here’s Danbury’s FIAT Doblo Motor Caravan!

I bought this with all new brakes and front end parts. I did a lot of work to this truck since I bought it. New tires, tranny cooler and tranny lines and tranny fittings, new fuel tank straps and some fuel lines and fuel cooler, new starter, new front U-joint for rear driveshaft, new rear pinion seal, new 4×4 actuator, passenger side rear brake caliper, new windshield, new front grille, and passenger side door handle.

Feb 06,  · For the light just hook it to the illumination circuit for the radio! I hooked mine up to the stock boost gauge hose! Unless you try to feed thought the pass through harness the hole drilled maybe your option! Culled from IPD’s boost gauge install instructions: “Under the hood, on the driver side of the engine compartment, locate the.

They told me that the standard pump with the reservoir set down low collected dirt that would get into the pump clogging a check valve that would cause the pump to seize and break the shaft. Locating the reservoir up high out of the dirt helped alleviate the problem. The photo on the left shows a pump with a broken shaft. If you do a pressure test, your pump should develop psi.

If you want a sure shot way to break the pump get your engine tach’ed up around RPM and quickly crank the steering all the way to the right or left steering stop and nail the brake pedal all at the same time. The shaft may only last for a second! Remote reservoir parts – pump I had to make a mounting bracket for the tank. The hose is 1″ OD 12″ long with 2 hose clamps to fit.

When you get the pump etc just match up some hose. There is no pressure on the hose. The high pressure hoses are a dealer part but can probably be crossed with other vehicles since this is a generic GM pump. The mounting bolts to the mounting bracket on the engine. You can probably get a piece of steel at a Home depot or a Lowe’s store.

Installing a Factory Boost Gauge

Mentioned 0 Post s I think you’re psyching yourself out more than you need to. First, remove the clock pod. Take a flat screwdriver the wider, the better and carefully wedge the clock pod out. It’s easier to start in the back toward the windshield. For me, the front clips were very stiff, so I ended up removing the front air vents, and pushing the clock up from underneath.

Once the pod is popped out, take a look at the back of the clock, right where the electrical plug fits it.

Home > RX-7 > Tech/Mods > Modifications > How To Properly Install An Electric Fan: This means that mounting is fairly simple. Overall, the best way to mount is to fab up a set of metal brackets that attach to the radiator support brackets, and then to the fan mounting tabs. The idea here is that you watch the temperature gauge, and.

Check back here for the latest in ag news and information, from local events to international happenings and government reports that affect your operation. Please email with suggestions! Extension Educators will be presenting the information. These workshops have been held across Nebraska for the past fifteen years. Workshops are sponsored by Nebraska Extension. Workshops that will be held in the area during March include the following locations.

March 13, — Wayne County at 1: Pre-register by contacting Larry Howard at by March 9th. March 14, — Colfax County at 1: March 15, — Washington County Extension Office at 1: Pre-register by contacting Larry Howard at by March 12th. The webinar is scheduled for Feb. According to Beef Systems Specialist Mary Drewnoski, current corn prices and limited availability of perennial grass have some producers wondering if growing forages on cropland might be the answer to feeding the cow herd.

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Now you can program your truck with the legendary Smarty tuning and monitor your parameters with an in-cab touch screen gauge system. Included are two devices: Each with its own CPU. The built-in gauge feature allows you to choose from four different dashboards, each configurable with five different gauge layouts and a customizable display background.

L Dodge Ram Cummins Intake Manifolds So you’ve installed a high flow cold air intake and a high flow exhaust, but you’re still not getting the spool up and lower EGT’s you were hoping for.

In a discussion about towing 13, lbs with a half ton. Do you even know what a 13, lb load does to the disk brakes of this half ton? Oh, what am I saying, this truck has a 5 star rating from the government. August 9, at My god probably not that many because the technology wasnt built into the trucks. Think about what your saying a minute and how things got done before we had all this cushy technology to do it for us now Chris says: How many pickups out there are using their trailer brakes correctly where it is tuned to stop the trailer safely?

The percentage is not high, but you go ahead and put a percentage on it. August 9, at 7: It really comes down to the individual taking responsibility and making sure their whole set up is right. Even the maint parts for their truck. August 9, at 9:

boost gauge and air/fuel ratio gauge install

Installing a Boost Gauge on a GM Duramax by Francis Walsh Diesel engines equipped with a turbo charger are asked to perform better than their unequipped brethren. With the addition of air boost pressure from a turbo charger, diesel engines like the GM Duramax produce more horsepower and torque by forcing more air into the intake.

The addition of extra air allows more fuel to be pumped in, and the resulting combustion returns more power than without the extra air and fuel. One problem that arises from this extra power is the creation of enormous amounts of heat and pressure inside a turbo-charged diesel engine. Monitoring these products and by-products of combustion are essential in the reliability of the engine’s performance.

On this page, you are looking at the Defi Imperial White Racer 52mm Boost Gauge. This particular gauge reads up to 30 PSI in US metric measurements. This gauge features high-brightness LEDs, a self-diagnostic function that monitors both sensor disconnection and short-circuiting during the .

Considering I have a fresh k mile warranty i might have my car checked out soon. Or maybe I’m paranoid and its nothing. Any ways, I guess the boost gauge I have is the stock one. Its a LaMco gauge mounted neatly on the steering column. As far as I know my 07 wrx is completely stock. When in 5th gear and coasting my gauge reads at about -. In 4th gear full throttle at about 4k RPM im looking at about. I have noticed a very faint flutter sound as I accelerate to about 3k RPM then the sound is completely drowned out by the engine.

If your not listening for it you wont hear it all. The car runs and feels very smooth. No sputter, surging, or anything of that nature. If your on it at about 3k RPM the car still will smack you in the face with its balls, so I’m not sure what it might be.

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With Hydrogen On Demand we are using the hydrogen immediately as it is being produced. Hydrogen On Demand is a lot safer than vehicles using stored hydrogen, natural gas or propane vehicles. It is important to wire your HHO system so that your generator only makes hydrogen while the vehicle is running. Infact diesel engines seem to get a little bit better MPG gain. As far as how much hydrogen gas is needed for a particular size of engine.

Feb 26,  · All you are doing is tapping into that line to signal your boost gauge. It is a waste of money, but you could put in 5 “T”s if you wanted. Use your brain, and figure out a way to put a “T” in between the green side of the check valve and the left barb.

Drink high ph micro- clustered, structred water at home. Learn about the bottled water you may drink. More trouble shooting below. Hydrogen Garage is here to help, not deceive. Also note, most will post a negative comment to complain, rather the guy who gets good results, will not comment. Please send us your results so we can keep adding to this page.

The FS2 made no change for this car. It was getting km per tank. The last tank was , seems worse. Dodge intrepid – I did not find it made any difference to my mileage at all. My normal mileage is 26 mpg. I tried it many times I have a Scangauge II. Both have improved performance immediately. We have installed a Hydrogen Cell 33 plate 5 neutrals , nm system to the Suzuki.

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Some batteries provide enormous cranking power. Others, deep cycle reserve power. How is this possible? The answer begins with flat plates made of Pure lead plates can be made thinner, so we can fit more of them in the battery. And that means more power — twice as much as conventional batteries.

A nitrogen oxide sensor or NO x sensor is typically a high-temperature device built to detect nitrogen oxides in combustion environments such as an automobile or truck tailpipe or a smokestack Contents.

Roush, of course, is synonymous with Mustangs, having created some pretty incredible turnkey specialty Mustangs, packing a ton of performance, for their big catalog of performance products aiming to make your Mustang look, sound and perform even better. Of course, sound is what we’re talking about here today, guys. Roush has really planted their flag in the aftermarket exhaust world here with the Mustang and has really become a fan favorite as of late.

As you guys just heard, the Extreme definitely lives up to its name as being a very aggressive axle-back available for your three valve powered GT, that is definitely going to turn some heads when installed. As for the pricing, guys, you’re going to find this system to fall right in the middle of the road as far as aftermarket axle-backs are concerned for your ’05 to ’09 car.

With all that out of the way guys, let’s talk about how the Extreme gets its sound. As you can see on the surface here it’s pretty obvious. That’s because there’s really no mufflers to speak of. Instead, Roush decided to use two straight through high flow resonators in place of those traditional mufflers to get that really deep throaty grunt.