Tina Jittaleela x Aom Sucharat (TinAom) VS Mike x Aom Sucharat (AoMike)

She had nothing in mind and she would just go with the flow. But during her days when she was still studying, she admitted that she really enjoyed studying acting a lot back when she was in Bangkok. She was just a simple hometown girl in their province back then, and she got really surprised when she was scouted by a talent manager for modeling. She was unsure of what to choose so she picked up theater instead, but little did she know that she would love it so much, despite having little knowledge about theater. She was awarded as the second honour of the batch and she graduated with a degree in Applied Arts. Family Sushar was born to a Chinese father and a Thai mother. There is only little information regarding her family.

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Tina Jittaleela pernah datang ke Indonesia tepatnya mengunjungi Candi Borobudur bersama keluarganya. Yang berpakaian biru di foto dibawah ini Papanya Tina loh.. Tina Jittaleela memiliki tinggi cm, ukuran tinggi yang istimewa untuk rata-rata cewek, jelas lebih tinggi daripada Aom Sucharat Manaying yang tingginya yaitu cm standar tinggi cewek Asia kan? Tina seorang Buddha, itulah alasannya Tina dan keluarga mengunjungi situs Candi Borobudur yang merupakan situs spiritual umat Buddha, dibawah foto Tina ikut terlibat dalam persiapan upacara persembahan makanan kepada para Biksu di Thailand.

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Tina is not skinny!! Aom Tina NG – Duration: I heard too that you two were dating , is that true? Tina clears her throat, she doesn’t. More From SugarDaily’s Announcements. Tina and Aom ; cute couple! That anderson shared the other day out and about aom and tina dating in the town of friday harbor is the best website.

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I ♥ TiAom (Tina Jittaleela – Aom Sucharat), Bangkok, Thailand. 30, likes · 9 talking about this. Hi everyone who loves TiAom, we’re from Vietnam.

Header’s background and inspiration from wanaseoby. Other backgrounds were taken from subtlepatterns and cocorini. Pixels and dividers from pixel-diary. Kawaii images from cutesecrets. Icons from color-of-soul , justasreal and marnie-graphics and the others were created by me. Some random pictures were taken from weheartit. Thank you so much for the big help. Are you a tomboy? How you explain your style? My style is a boy style.

I’m not trying to be someone else but, I’m trying to be myself. No one can change it except me. What question that people always ask you? They always ask me “Are you a girl or a boy?

Yes or No 2 2012 Türkçe Altyazılı İzle

Then, after watching the trailer I am in love with the main actress in the movie. She is sooo pretty!! Therefore, I went and downloaded the movie and finished the whole movie until around 5am. Pie, the main actress rejects so strongly on her new room mate, Kim who looks just like a guy instead of a girl. Since the first day they move into the room, Pie is being mean to Kim although Kim has tried so hard to flatter Pie.

Pie’s previous room mate, Jane, who is in love with Kim is trying her very best to approach Kim by using a lot of reasons to stay in their room.

Yes Or No 1 (YON 1) is a Thai film which has a cute couple – Kim (Tina Jittaleela) and Pie (Aom Susharat Manaying). Pie is a girl who comes from an upper middle class Thai family.

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Sushar Manaying

Pynk 98 FM, Aktris Keluarga: Gossip Girl Favorite singer: Marc Jacobs Suppanad Jittaleela biasa dipanggil dengan Tina Jittaleela merupakan seorang aktor yang cukup menarik. Bermain disuatu film bernama “Yes or No”. Pada waktu syuting film Yes or No pertama kali, awalnya Tina sempat takut akan aktingnya yang menurutnya buruk dan kaku namun berkat temen2 dan sutradara film YON yang memberinya dukungan, akhirnya dia bertekad untuk berlatih.

Setelah dia berlatih dengan cukup baik, akhirnya dia bisa menjalani syuting yang cukup membuatnya deg-degan.

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Tina Jittaleela Video Sob Ta With Aom 1

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The director finds a difficult to meet who suitable to portray tomboy figure. Tina’s senior invite her to follow casting as a tomboy girl in a movie. Why she can be selected? Because she can say “ka” or “nu” naturally as girly girl who usually tomboy girl canoot do it.

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Kim dan Pie adalah mahasiswa baru dan mereka kebetulan tinggal 1 kamar di asrama universitas. Pie dan Jane tetap jadi teman baik meskipun Pie sangat membenci buci. Nah kebetulan di kamar barunya ini Pie satu kamar dengan Kim. Pertemuan pertama Kim dan Pie sangat lucu, mereka saling membenci, sebenarnya yg benci itu Pie karena satu kamar dengan seorang buci. Saat waktu berlalu mereka pun akhirnya berteman. Dan mereka selalu menghabiskan waktu bersama.

Pie sendiri meskipun mengaku benci dengan Kim ternyata juga memperlihatkan gelagat cemburu ketika Kim di dekati Jane yang memang dari awal sudah suka dengan Kim. Dengan saling memendam perasaan inilah mereka tanpa sadar merasa saling membutuhkan, tapi akankah mereka bisa mengungkapkan perasaan masing2? Apakah Pie yang sebenarnya gadis straight mau mengungkapkan perasaannya? Film ini sangat bagus sekali, wajib untuk ditonton, ada banyak adegan lucu, adegan romantis, bahkan bisa membuat kita menangis.

TiAom Moments (Aom Sushar – Tina Suppanad ) (Susharat Manaying)