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Edit Pepper greeted Christine Everhart after her one night stand with Stark, giving back her clothes, and coldly escorting her out after Christine mildly insults her, to which Pepper subtly responds back by referring to her as “the trash that needs to be taken out”. She then prepared Tony for his imminent trip to Afghanistan. While managing his tasks, Tony remembered that it was Pepper’s birthday and subtly, but sincerely wishes her happy birthday while having a conversation. When Stark returns from his capture by the Ten Rings terrorist organization, Pepper is amongst the crowd and rides with him and Happy Hogan to get him a Burger King burger and call a press conference. Not long later, Pepper helped Stark replace his original Arc Reactor, and, despite Stark’s order to destroy it, frames it in a glass with the line “Proof that Tony Stark has a heart” on the base. Pepper is later, the first to discover that Stark is Iron Man, and nearly resigns because of the stress, but is unable to go through with it. At the Disney Concert Hall, Stark and Pepper share a dance and almost kiss, but when Stark goes to get her a drink, he learns of the Ten Ring’s activities in the town of Gulmira, and that Obadiah Stane was the one who locked him out of the company.

EAD: Arctic Star

Gay Marriage, parental punishments, maybe some dominate punishments, bashing of characters from both stories, cursing. Possible love scenes between two men. Harry will not act as canon portrays. More of summary in first chapter. If any of this offends please don’t read.

Specific Tony/Bucky Fic There is this one Winteriron fanfic that i just can’t seem to find again. Basically the team thinks that Bucky and Steve are dating and that Tony is just trying to interfere when really Tony and Bucky are dating.

Ever just have one of those days? Where things just go From Bad to Worse? Everything that could go wrong does go wrong? Does the entire universe have it in for you? Or have you just had enough of being Surrounded by Idiots? That’s when you just say to yourself or whoever happens to overhear

I Need a Freaking Drink

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for stopping by my profile. A few things about yours truly: I’m a straight, white British Male in my early twenties. Evolution, Kim Possible and reruns of Spider-Man: The Animated Series on a Saturday morning, but not old enough to have seen the X-Men animated series of the early 90’s.

In any given fandom, if there is any Shipping going on at all, there will usually be a particular couple substantially supported by both the Canon events of the series or story, and the general consensus of the fandom regarding if some parts of the fandom aren’t thrilled about the nature of the relationship, it’s generally agreed that the relationship does exist and cannot be easily.

UlquiHime, for those who love a good case of Stockholm Syndrome. There’s also GrimmHime as well. Not to mention Ishigo and Ichida and another ‘easy’ round of “guess the pairing”. It usually goes by the code name IchiIshi, though. Damn you, The Prince of Tennis fandom. So many of these, and we haven’t even gotten to all the freaking ” insert cutesy adjective Pair ” ones. Loads and Loads of Characters , loads and loads of pairings, and hence loads and loads of this. Kuroh’s name is styled to match in the ship name.

Seishirou and Subaru are often referred to as SeiSub. More common and obvious examples are:

One True Threesome

Those were definitely a lot of fun. The ending to Iron Man was the best ending I have ever seen in a superhero movie. I enjoyed it so much that I went and purchased the sequel. Then, I watched Avengers. These movies were complete fun. I really enjoy seeing heroes defeat the villains.

IBegToDreamAndDiffer is a fanfiction author that has written stories for Sherlock, Doctor Who, Radio Dramas, Harry Potter, Matthew Reilly, Avengers, James Bond, Supernatural, Pirates of the Caribbean, Hobbit, Star Trek: , Hannibal, and Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Harry Potter was born a pawn for the universe; the Potter luck could attest to that. The story of Harry’s life, his death, becoming Master of Death, then a bright light and a mad Norse god and the end of the universe sort of. Harry’s journey from a pawn to a king and his life and death Harry Potter has been reborn again and again into new bodies as the Master of Death—but he has always helped to defeat Voldemort in each new world. Now his slightly older brother is the target of the prophecy, and Harry assumes his role is to support Jonathan.

At least, that’s what he thinks until Voldemort kidnaps him that Halloween night. Harry Potter – Rated: InsaneOne reviews It has always been said that magic and technology did not mix; too bad no one ever mentioned that little fact to young Harry Potter. Add in one mad genius bent on destroying the lives of ten thousand people by trapping them inside of his online virtual reality game and you have the makings of a very dangerous brew.

Armed with the knowledge of a growing army and that something isn’t wrong, can the Republic be saved? That, and a motivated Nara. The world is turned sideways.

I Promise (Tony Stark Fanfiction)

That the couple were a bonded pair made it worse thanks to that immediate sense of kinship with his own kind. Why Fury trusted this to anyone but the ultimate man in black is beyond me. Darling, you put a fist through reinforced plate glass. Not to mention screwing with my employees. As for SI, it has not only you, but the formidable Pepper Potts at the helm.

A Chick Magnet is a guy who draws girls to him like bears to honey (and if he’s not careful, with similar results). He’s not The Casanova or Kavorka Man, but he pulls girls in about as fast as they do, if not these scoundrels, even when he does finally realize the feelings of the girls around him, he never tries to take advantage of them.

Serious about the argument, ridiculous about everything else. The Original Series – Rated: Kirk, Spock Unexpected developments by slayer of destiny reviews After different events in The Department of Mysteries Harry gets some shocking news. His whole life is about to change course, and Lucius Malfoy gets a second chance to love. Harry Potter – Rated: Veela heart by slayer of destiny reviews Another Lucius veela story but I hope this is different. Harry discovers in an unusual way that Lucius is a veela and he is his mate.

He has to decide what type of relationship he wants with Lucius while coping with his own veela protective urges. And where the bloody hell has Aloysius Knight disapeared to? Slash, Mpreg Crossover – X-Men: Chasing the Sun by Shadow-of-what reviews Alex has so many things to fight, how does he find out which ones to make peace with?

Alex Rider – Rated: Poisonous Kiss by enchanted nightingale reviews When Harry frees Dobby, Lucius scares the house elf and the Savior is left alone with Lucius Malfoy in an encounter with unforeseen results. M – English – Chapters:

EAD: Arctic Star

Fandom This article or section needs expansion. Some fans took Steve Rogers question about Pepper being pregnant and ran with that instead. Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr. A reconciliation appears to be in progress in Spider-Man: Homecoming with marriage dates discussed briefly in Avengers:

Now, back to the relationship between Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. This is what makes their relationship so unique. These two characters have a genuine and growing romance where sexual attraction is absent between them. It is a romance without sexual attraction.

Naturally, a prospect OT4 has been suggested. Digimon boasts several examples, consisting mainly of each season’s Power Trio: The list goes on. It helps that Zoe tried to kiss Max in episode 58 and kissed Rex in episode Marron is sometimes paired up in an OT3 with Pan and Bra as well, though it doesn’t seem as common as pairing her with Goten and Trunks. Interestingly, this started out as an example of Ships That Pass in the Night , since Videl and Future Trunks had never met, and it was a fairly niche triad.

But after Future Trunks and Videl met in Dragon Ball Super , they were shown to get along very well, and the threesome spiked in popularity amongst the fandom practically overnight. Especially because of each of them is some sort of “gang” leader, which also kinda makes them enemies, ergo, unintended Foe Yay. It helps that Walker and Erika both explicitly ship it, though they seem to disagree on which of them would be the vortex.

Helps that Mairu and Kururi don’t view each other as separate people and have expressed no reluctance in dating the same guy. Others opt for the dolphin sandwich. Still more stack Nagisa and Rei on the pile to make an OT5. And for the het fans, there’s Gou and the Mikoshiba brothers, both of whom canonically have a crush on her. While this grouping has died down due to a loss of focus in the later volumes, this was one of the strongest threesomes in the fandom and was very obviously helped by Shigure and Ayame playing up the Ho Yay.

Chick Magnet

She is respectful, mischievous, kind, intelligent, and elegant. She has been living under her Aunt’s roof ever since she was an infant. Her Aunt and Uncle respect

Nimbus Llewelyn is a fanfiction author that has written 57 stories for Discworld, Good Omens, Primeval, Temeraire, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Torchwood, Lord of the Rings, Dresden Files, Silmarillion, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Avengers, James Bond, Smallville, Old Kingdom/Abhorsen series, Sherlock, Kingdom of Heaven, World War Z, Wheel of Time, Green Lantern, and Avengers.

LisaLovesCurry The sequel to “Nightlight” though you can enjoy this story on its own , Tony and Pepper finally get some time to themselves after the events at Stark Expo. Rated M for lemons. To the surprise of no one, it finally happened: I wrote a sequel to “Nightlight,” and here it is, full of lemony goodness. This fic is rated M for a reason; there will be sex.

I really had fun writing this, because if there are two things I like, those things are lemons and banter, so Tony and Pepper are pretty much the perfect couple in that respect. I own no part of the Marvel Universe other than some of the various items they produce Daylight Pepper woke with a start. For a disorienting instant, she found herself still half-asleep and unable to remember who the hell was sleeping next to her—then she remembered that it was Tony, and she grinned in the early morning light that had slipped into the room through a gap in the curtains.

Now she remembered—they were dating now, and last night, he’d fallen asleep in her bed. And this morning… Suddenly, Pepper blushed. She wasn’t embarrassed exactly—it was just strange, knowing someone for years and then—and sure, they’d flirted, but it was Tony, who flirted with everyone, and now, two days after the first time they’d ever kissed, he was in her bed, wearing nothing but boxers which she should not be staring at!

Closing her eyes, Pepper sighed.

Iron Man: The Relationship between Tony Stark and Pepper Potts

And while Shizuka isn’t really interested since Takashi’s a student, plus she’s 10 years older than he is , she implied she’d still be willing to give it up to him , when she thought he wanted to have sex with her. Kizuna Hida is forced to become one in order to defend Ataraxia from invaders from Another Dimension. This involves him doing perverted stuff to girls equipped with Heart Hybrid Gears , as doing so will give them the power to fight the invaders. Jotaro Kujo from Part 3 was beloved by all the girls at his high school, probably due to his Troubled, but Cute image.

They still think he’s irresistible when he tells them to go away. This also happens with the other JoJos of the different arcs, including a bit in Part 4 where this happens to another character who was disguised as the hero.

YOU ARE READING. I Promise (Tony Stark Fanfiction) Fanfiction. Tony Stark has everything a person could ever want in life. That is, except a kid. Isadora Stark was Reviews:

I spun around in my chair and looked back at her, taking my eyes off another one of my projects. I didn’t want to be bothered, but Pepper insisted. She narrowed her eyes at my tone. I’ve been trying to talk to you all morning. I looked down, feeling bad that I had made that frown appear on her face. What did you need to say?

MARVEL’S IRON MAN 3 – Date Night Clip #3