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Groundwater age dating tritium

General background Tritium 3H or T is the radioactive isotope of hydrogen that decays with a half life of Tritium is produced naturally in the upper atmosphere by interaction of nitrogen, and, to a lesser extent, oxygen with cosmic rays. After oxidation to HTO, it takes part in the natural water cycle. These tests which were mainly performed in the early s, led to an increase of tritium in precipitation over the continents of the northern hemisphere from roughly 5 TU to levels of the order of TU.

One TU Tritium Unit means a tritium to hydrogen ratio of Whereas the addition of bomb tritium to the environment practically eliminated the use of natural tritium as a tracer, it offered a new tool, i.

Thesis Title: ‘Intercalibration of 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology and in situ terrestrial cosmogenic 3He exposure dating: Two scientific realms meeting at Earth’s surface’ Internship at the German Remote Sensing Data Centre DLR Oberpfaffenhofen. Februar – März 2 tions:

Whilst they could be worked round quite easily if you used the original shock or one of a similar style, the swing arm bracing fouled on any modern shock reservoir. Since the original plan was to replace the original shock, the 3EN swing arm was not for me. A look at the 3TJ swing arm from the Right As you can see it is a very beefy built swing arm. It therefore requires that a sleeve be fitted inside the original pivot bolt sleeve of the 3TJ to further reduce the 20mm down to 15mm diameter.

OK, I decided that I would put the new tyre to work BUT all modifications to fit the 3he wheel must be temporary so the 17″ wheel could be fitted at a later date The problems are: It therefor requires the 3HE 17 mm axle to be used and the 3tj swing arm be spacered out. Since the axle pullers are 20mm also, it is therefor simple to make a spacer that is a push fit into the axle puller but wide enough to fit the width of the swing arms axle slot.

These can be seen in the two pictures below: This has two purposes: The last part of the conversion is to add 4mm to the sprocket side spacer so that the wheel is centralised and the chain run in a straight line The right hand rider foot peg bracket clears the swing arm easily but the slip on exhaust does NOT clear the swing arm entirely and will need awasher inserted between the can holder and the passenger footpeg bracket. The leftside rider peg bracket is the real hassle, as you will see it required some very skillfull grinding to rear face of the bracket to match the curve of the 3TJ swing arm to enable it to be fitted.

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Biochar for Desalination Concentrate Management Disposal of concentrate from brackish water desalination is limited by concerns of salt leaching into fresh water sources. Prevention of salt leaching can greatly increase desalination concentrate management costs and there are few options to recover those costs. One cost-recovery option for desalination concentrate disposal is using the concentrate as irrigation water for producing halophyte biomass for forage and for other applications.

Halocarbon ratio and tritium/3He dating $ There was an observable pattern to the near surface CFC gas saturations. The highest measured saturations (79%) were found at the southern end of the section (Sta. ) over the Barents Sea shelf.

Research Research Overview My research focuses on the chemical evolution of the Earth, moons and planets. I use a combination of high-pressure, high-temperature experiments to understand the chemical behavior of geomaterials at depth, and use this information to interpret the geochemical rock record. Research Statement Have there been peaks in global magma production over time?

How does continental crust form? What was its growth rate over time? How did the cratonic mantle roots form?

Geochronology of the Carrizozo Malpais

Potrillo volcanic field, New Mexico, U. Its alkalic mafic volcanism has resulted in several hundred cones, flows and maars distributed over approximately 4, km2. Three of the five maars have brought peridotitic and lower to upper crustal xenoliths to the surface.


I am an isotope geochemist with research interests that include: The differentiation history of planet Earth, and the generation of the atmosphere. Tracing the source and the interaction history of modern and ancient fluids in the Earth crust. Using cosmogenic isotopes to determine the controls of long-term landscape change. Using low temperature thermochronometers for constraining the tectonic history of the shallow crust.

I frequently collaborate with scientists in the fields of petrology, geomorphology, mineralization and tectonics. Applications to Reservoir and Exploration. Applying natural tracer technologies in the environmental monitoring of unconventional gas extraction. Fingerprinting captured CO2 using natural tracers: Determining CO2 fate and proving ownership.

Grand Canyon at least 70 Million Years Old

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Measured He ages ranged from 61 to 8 Ma and were reproducible to better than a few percent despite very large variations in [U] and [Th]. In all samples with internal stratigraphy or independent age constraints, the He ages corroborated the expected relationships. These data demonstrate that internally consistent He ages can be obtained on goethite, but do not prove quantitative 4He retention.

To assess possible diffusive He loss, stepped-heating experiments were performed on two goethite samples that were subjected to proton irradiation to produce a homogeneous distribution of spallogenic 3He. The 3He release pattern indicates the presence of at least two diffusion domains, one with high helium retentivity and the other with very low retentivity at Earth surface conditions. Diffusive loss of 3He from the high retentivity domain is independent of the macroscopic dimensions of the analyzed polycrystalline aggregate, so probably represents diffusion from individual micrometer-size goethite crystals.

This degree of retentivity is in excellent agreement with that independently predicted from the helium diffusion coefficients extrapolated to Earth surface temperature and held for the appropriate duration.

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Papers by sarah medynski , Charlotte Vye-Brown , Jemal Seid , and Gezahegn Yirgu Crustal extension at mature continental rifts and oceanic ridges occurs by a combination of norma Quantifying the relative roles of faulting and melt intrusion in accommodating extension at magmatic rifts remains difficult and requires studies at sufficient spatial and temporal scales to resolve the interaction between these processes.

We combine structural investigations, field mapping, geochemical analysis and cosmogenic 3He exposure dating of lava surfaces in order to investigate the interplay between volcanic activity and fault growth in the northern part of the axial depression, where the rift segment intersects a large stratovolcano.

surface exposure dating – cosmogenic exposure dating COSMOGENIC EXPOSURE DATING – Cosmogenic Isotope Labortary, Quaternary Research Center and Department of Earth and Space Sciences, University of Washington Multimedia Cosmogenic Exposure Dating (Text & Images).

Groundwater Age-Dating for Water Resource Characterization Background The increasing national and international demand for water has led to increasing reliance on subsurface storage, both for naturally and artificially recharged water. This increased reliance on the groundwater in concert with the strict regulation on water quality has led to a need by water managers and regulators to understand: How much and on what time scales groundwater can be recharged and withdrawn in specific sub-basins, Groundwater flow fields at both recharge and basin scales, Water quality impacts of recharge water storage and recovery in a subsurface that is bio-geochemically active, How changes in management practices have and will affect water quality, and Future distributions of contaminants in the subsurface.

Characterization of mean groundwater age and recharge temperature through the use of noble gas techniques provides information that is relevant to answering these questions and that is not accessible through traditional hydrogeologic approaches. Description LLNL has developed a noble gas mass spectrometry facility that houses a state-of-the-art water-gas separation manifold and mass spectrometry system designed specifically for high throughput of groundwater samples.

This system represents a capability for characterizing groundwater recharge conditions by dissolved gas analysis that is unmatched by any other laboratory. Construction of this facility was funded by LLNL. The facility is staffed by Ph. Less model-dependent than tritium age dating:

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