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W ine in PET bottles: Alternative packaging for wine is nothing new. Indeed, glass bottles themselves are a relatively recent innovation in the history of wine, dating back to the 18th century. Prior to this wine was transported in bulk, and sold from barrel or clay amphora, moving to more temporary storage media at destination, such as the wineskin.

The introduction of glass as a storage medium changed wine as we know it:

Below are a few examples of our extensive stock of wine glasses. If you are interested in any of the pieces shown, or would like to enquire about other items in our stock, please contact us.

Cleaning Crystal Wine Glasses 1 Hold the glass carefully by the bowl and not by the stem. The stem is fragile, and the glass can break easily if you hold it by that. Instead, cup your hand around the bottom of the bowl, with your fingers to either side of the steam. This method will also work for regular wine glasses. If you are cleaning painted or glittered wine glasses, use this method. If the water is too hot for you, it is likely too hot for the wine glass; water can cause glass to crack if it is hot enough.

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It’s really as simple as it looks, I promise! Start by removing the frame boards with a reciprocating saw using a metal cutting blade to cut through the nails. Make sure to leave two frame boards on each end, this will create the beginning frame of your wine rack.

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In addition to proper serving temperatures, each type of wine requires a specific style of glass for service. Understanding the different types of wine glasses and what makes them ideal for one type of wine over another is essential to getting the most out of your wine collection. Parts of a Wine Glass The Foot – Allows your glass to stand upright The Stem – Allows you to hold your wine glass without the heat from your hands warming your wine, and without creating smudges on the bowl which will distract from the visual enjoyment of your wine The Bowl — Serves a myriad of purposes; here you’ll find the most variation between glasses.

The bowls of all wine glasses will be tapered upward with a slightly narrower opening at the top than at the bottom. This shape helps to capture and distribute the wine’s aroma toward your mouth and nose. The bowls of wine glasses are also designed to allow an amount of surface area appropriate to the wine – red wine glasses will have a larger amount of surface area for the wine to allow it to breathe, while white wine glasses will have a smaller amount of surface area.

Champagne glasses will have a very small amount of surface area for the wine so that it retains its carbonation The Rim — Imperative to achieving the full experience from your wines. The thinner the rim, the less the glass distracts from the wine as you sip; a good wine glass will have a “cut” rim that is smooth to the touch and does not inhibit the wine as it flows out of the glass. Less expensive glassware may have rims that are rolled or bumpy — while still functional, and very much practical for everyday use, these wine glasses may distract from the wine itself The Color — The best wine glasses are crystal clear to allow the beauty and subtleties of the wine to show through.

All About Orange Wine

Select the best wine glass If you want to enhance your enjoyment of wine, the wine glass you select may make a difference. Many wine drinkers believe choosing glasses designed for specific types of wine can help bring out the flavors and aromas of wine, making the experience more enjoyable. Specific Types of Wine Glasses Many types of wine glasses exist for general categories of wines. These glasses are medium-tall and narrow with a long stem.

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The “Extra Special” bottle: This bottle is owned by a reader of Nonjatta in Brazil and I must admit it has got me scratching my head. I have called it “Extra Special” because those words appear in the middle of the label and I have not seen them on other versions of Suntory Old. The owner says his family were given it by a Japanese diplomat in the s. I have had questions from other readers about this particular bottling.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to pin it down to a very precise time period. I do know that a bottle similar to this was marketed abroad by Suntory and there does appear to have been a “Discover Suntory” campaign in the U.

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For most of us, bingeing conjures up images of staggering out of a night club at 2am, your stomach awash with plus units of vodka and beer. For women, the recommended safe daily intake is three units — about one-and-a-half glasses of wine. For women, the recommended safe daily intake is three units – about one-and-a-half glasses of wine For men, the safe amount is four units: One risk is that it raises your chances of a blocked artery.

Binge regularly and your arteries are more likely to start to narrow. This is the dangerous fat that forms around your organs and which pumps out toxic chemicals.

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Origins[ edit ] A golden goblet from the Mycenaean period. Viticulture has existed in Greece since the late Neolithic period, with domestic cultivation becoming widespread by the early Bronze Age. Through trade with ancient Egypt , the Minoan civilization on Crete was introduced to Egyptian winemaking methods, an influence most likely imparted to Mycenaean Greece.

One of the earliest known wine presses was discovered in Palekastro in Crete, from which island the Mycenaeans are believed to have spread viticulture to others in the Aegean Sea and quite possibly to mainland Greece. Records inscribed on tablets in Linear B include details of wine, vineyards and wine merchants, as well as an early allusion to Dionysus , the Greek god of wine. Greeks embedded the arrival of winemaking culture in the mythologies of Dionysus and the cultural hero Aristaeus.

Sicily and southern Italy formed some of the earliest colonies, as they were areas already home to an abundance of grapevines.

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Entrance to the Areni-1 cave in southern Armenia near the town of Areni. The cave is the location of the world’s oldest known winery and where the world’s oldest known leather shoe has been found. The earliest archaeological and archaeobotanical evidence for grape wine and viniculture, dating to — BC was found on the territory of modern Georgia. A report by archaeologists indicates a possibility that grapes were mixed with rice to produce mixed fermented beverages in China in the early years of the seventh millennium BC.

Pottery jars from the Neolithic site of Jiahu , Henan , contained traces of tartaric acid and other organic compounds commonly found in wine. However, other fruits indigenous to the region, such as hawthorn , cannot be ruled out. Evidence includes two Phoenician shipwrecks from BC discovered by Robert Ballard , whose cargo of wine was still intact. Although the nuragic Sardinians already consumed wine before the arrival of the Phoenicians [31] [32] Georgian Kvevri ancient wine vessel The earliest remains of Apadana Palace in Persepolis dating back to BC include carvings depicting soldiers from Achaemenid Empire subject nations bringing gifts to the Achaemenid king, among them Armenians bringing their famous wine.

Wine glasses are 600% bigger than they were 300 years ago as our thirst for vino continues

Below are a few examples of our extensive stock of wine glasses. If you are interested in any of the pieces shown, or would like to enquire about other items in our stock, please contact us. Click on the thumbnail pictures to enlarge them. Prices to not include delivery.

There is archaeological evidence of grape growing in Traisental years ago. Grape seeds have been found in urns dating back to BC in Zagersdorf, whilst bronze wine flagons of the Celtic La Tène culture dating to the 5th century BC have been found at Dürrnberg in Salzburg state. Viticulture thrived under the Romans, once Marcus Aurelius Probus (Roman emperor –) had overturned.

It is not wine made with oranges, nor is it a Mimosa cocktail a blend of 1 part orange juice to 2 parts sparkling wine. Orange wine is something entirely different. What is an Orange Wine? Orange wine is a type of white wine made by leaving the grape skins and seeds in contact with the juice, creating a deep orange-hued finished product. What is Orange Wine? To make an orange wine, you first take white grapes , mash them up, and then put them in a large vessel often cement or ceramic.

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Identifying any antique glass is simple. First, see if the glass is marked, finding a mark is the first thing to look for when buying ANY antique, period. Many times the mark may be very faint, so use the reflection of the light you are using to aid you.

Identifying Georgian Drinking Glasses An Introduction to Georgian Drinking Glasses. Part II By John Ainsley Left: wheel engraved vines from a large goblet dating from c Dating on one or two features only is risky – every feature described here must be present to ensure authenticity.

The design defied centuries of wine drinking tradition, a notion of extreme importance in oenological culture. The sheer unconventionality of the glasses, however, matched many of the exciting New World attitudes of winemaking, such as synthetic corks or screw caps and bold, lucious, fruity New World wines from non-traditional varietals and blends. As winemaking entered a new age, so did the range of vessels from which wine lovers could drink it.

Same Shape, No Stem Traditional stemware for wine is built on many conventions thought to enhance the experience of wine drinking. Bowl shape varies for different types of wines in order to place the wines in the mouth along the taste buds most likely to perceive the wine’s unique flavors. The size and shape of the rims direct aromas in the way most pleasing for the type of wine you are drinking. The material with which the glasses are made reflects the clarity and color of the wine.

The stem allows you to hold the glass without projecting the warmth from your hand through the bowl of the glass and warming the wine beyond ideal temperature. Stemless wineglasses do all of these things as well, except for the final item. They look like the bowl of traditional wine glasses, but lack the stem. Instead, stemless wine glasses have a flat spot along the bottom of the bowl so you can set them carefully on a surface.

Many varieties of stemless wine glasses exist for different types of wine, both reds and whites. The Good and the Bad Of most concern to oenophiles was that lack of a stem.

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An account of glass drinking vessels in England, from early times to the end of the eighteenth century, which provided the first attempt at classification of English drinking glasses. Indeed Hartshorne’s seminal work still forms the basis of the classification broadly adopted by specialists today for 18th century English drinking glasses, the sector which makes up the biggest slice of this particular market.

Up to the mid s, English glasses, like their Continental counterparts, were made of soda glass producing thinly constructed, lightweight vessels of fluid design.

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As Berge noted in referring to bottles, the ” This bottle dating “key” is a relatively simple “first cut” on the dating of a bottle. Please be aware that in order to gain the maximum information about any particular bottle e. Unfortunately, the complexities of precisely dating bottles is beyond the scope of any simple key. A substantial amount of bottle type specific information must be reviewed by a user to increase the probability of dating accuracy.

Additional reference materials outside of this website must often be consulted to narrow down the date of any item as far as is possible and to really get a “feel” for the history of the bottle in question. The information on this website will, however, usually produce a reliable manufacturing date range for a majority of American utilitarian bottles manufactured from the early s to the mid th century.